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Social monogamy is not necessarily sexual monogamy. Twelve species of mammals out of four thousand are sexually monogamous and the human species is not one of them. Morality, religion, cultures and societies. Still a stereotype that represents sexuality as something that is not, and can not be lived as such. Swingers generally make of their sexual preferences and free choices, as individuals or in couple, a real lifestyle model (thus the name of Swinglifestyle), which they maintein for a certain period or for their entire life. These preferences lead them with awareness, mutual agreement, harmony and without deceptions, to share with their partner (when it comes to couples) a non-exclusive sexual experiences that may include other couples or individuals of both sex.
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Swinging is a lifestyle that a growing number of couples who are married or not, men and women take every single day in the world . If you are thinking to get closer to this world, if you are already a swingers or if you have a business linked to the world of adult entertainment , you've found the right website . Here you can gain knowledge, visit Swingers Club or other business or manage your own and get in touch with thousands of swingers all over the world. Commonly, in Western societies, sexual monogamy appears to be the behavior commonly judged as socially acceptable. But as we know the sexual monogamy in married couples and couples in general is a behavior that in actual fact occurs with extreme rarity. More commonly encountered in relations during his development betrayals of trust with external relations to the respective partner without his/her knowing it. According to several anthropological studies and comparative biology of the human species is not sexually monogamous. For this reason sexual relations with extreme rarity so you consume only monogamous with a partner for the rest of his life. The culture, the predominant Christian religion and customs of modern society have a worldview that asks the elements of a pair unnatural sexual fidelity. With most of the times the result that the couple live part of their relationship in mutual deception. What is to be swingers, what is the swinglifestyle?

Swingers couples set their relationship recognizing that sexual monogamy should not be a necessary practice it must necessarily be desirable, as dictated by the prevailing culture. The swinger couples do not consider to be a sexual relationship with other partners, without the knowledge of their partner, the right way to escape from an unlikely monogamy. The swinglifestyle is based on the so-sharing and recognition of each other's needs by entering into non-exclusive sexual sexuality couple of other elements are couples, or individuals. Swinglifestyle are core elements in mutual trust, openness to discuss and share their fantasies. This is absolutely necessary even more when you decide to put in place their own fantasies, then together defining the boundaries. Honesty and mutual respect are elements that can not miss in a swinglifestyle. For individuals swingers there are obvious differences between love and sex and sexuality is lived in its appearance recreational and socializing without the classic taboo in Western society. Let's see the different ways of swinglifestyle noting also that in each of these is usually easy to find bisexuality in women and therefore included attentions to other women, something that you can not say applies equally to men.

Soft swinging: is a form with the least involvement of swinging relationships between couples or couples and individuals, and Refers to watching, being watched, petting, mutual masturbation, and possibly oral sex but without changing partners for intercourse. Satisfying the needs of voyeurism partners and bringing them closer to involvement with others that you might turn into something more complex, perhaps at a later time. Not infrequently, soft swinging couples go after swinging to a Close or Open

Closed swinging: swing partner with one or more close couples or single man or woman. This is a common form of swinging

Open swinging: refers to swinging couples in the same room or not same. Satisfies the desire to watch their partner or that he/she was at another place.

Group Swinging: is a less common form in swinglifestyle and refers to real orgies consumed by more people.

In the time since the last century, were born several clubs and activities related to this lifestyle with a continued rapid growth.
In dedicated environments, there is no requirement in the knowledge and interactions among swingers. In its relations with other couples and individuals not infrequently happens that the knowledge will translate into long-lasting friendships and that are maintained over time. Even an attitude of deeper socialization that does not result immediately in a sexual relationship but leads to a lasting knowledge that should result in other areas is part of the lifestyle so commonly understood that the couple have. Since several studies done in several countries it has been found that swingers usually belong to upper middle class with a medium-high level of education. The phenomenon Swingers is expanding in all Western nations although in different ways. The thrust of conformism tries to relegate the phenomenon, and in some countries can with greater difficulty than in others, but nevertheless, the growth is continuous.

Many activities related to this environment are developing rapidly. They grow the Club, the Swingers Cruise, the Swingers Party, the Resort, Villages, organized trips and much more...